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Wheel in unique form

What comes to mind when you think of sailing and the sea? It’s the feeling of freedom where you are the captain of your own journey and your journey can take you anywhere. Well, we wanted to bring that feeling back to the bathroom with this unique, wooden, rudder. When we picked up the raw, wooden base, we didn’t even think this swivel steering wheel would bring such a defining atmosphere. The rig is included with the rope, which is definite with its blue color and fits well with the red, blue, gray tones painted in vintage style. It has become a real special feature of the boat-like bathroom.

navy decorations

Process of creating the wooden wheel:

Step 1. Paint the wheel using special wood paint in the colours of light blue, white, red and silver paint

Step 2. Using silver wood wax and a sponge with a light hand add the smears on the handles and of different parts of the wheel

Step 3. Glue the blue waterproof rope onto the wheel with waterproof adhesive

Step 4. Mount the wheel on the wall with bolts to enjoy the decor

Items used to enhance the navy atmosphere:

  • Ship wheel – home made
  • Iron cat – home made
  • Beach towel rail – home made
  • Lighthouse
  • Sailing boat
  • Rope around the tiles and shelves
  • Sea shells
  • Boat style shelfing
navy decorations