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Brainstorming with a good coffee

Be imaginative, but when? In our fast-paced world, every minute is accounted for, it’s hard to find a moment when our imagination can run wild and let go of the worries of everyday life. For us, the times when we have our morning coffee is when we manage to finetune and rethink the design that we dreamed of at night. In this articule, we want to share with the reader some ideas that could inspire and help others to make their remodel, renovate, or just think about placing a few extra around their homes.


Ideas that can inspire:

There are a few simple questions/topics that you can think about to start get a better understanding how you space goanna look like are:

  • Do you have an item, art, image, colour that you wanted to use in the space? Have a look at the art or item and see what colours are in there, this can hep you decide on potential colour scheme or even design styles in the space
  • Get a few different desgin magazines and look through them. There are so many different designs and looks that you can have in your interior and sometimes it is hard to narrow down what you really want. Open up a few magazines and have a look at what is currently out there, as you go through mark items, desings, colours and looks that you like but only mark the ones that you really do like. If you are unsure leave it, you might come across something on the next page that you will like more or even love. Once you marked everything and gone through them all compare the things that you have marked (you can even cut them out and lay them out to make it easier to see them together). Compare them, group them and narrow them down if you can even further, as you are analysing them you will start seeing a style, or colour, or scheme imerging that will kick you imagionation into gear
  • Ask yourself the following questions. By answering these it can help create a better understanding of the design and areas that you really need to think about and fulfill. It can also help create a priority order as to what is more important for this design, where you will be happy to comprimise pontentially.
  • What is the function of the room/space? What is it going to be used for? Does it have to have multipule function?
  • Who is going to use it most of the time?
  • The person who is going to use it the most what are their interests are, what do they like, what style do they have, what are their characteristics?
  • What are your goals for the room/space?
  • How do you want the space to “feel”, or what mood do you want it to create?
  • Does this space/room need to link in with the rest of the home’s design?
  • How much you are planning to spend on the project?
  • Sleep on it! Once you have done all three points from above and started to have the clogs turning take time to formulate the plan. Relax, sleep, meditate and let your thoughts take over and take you onto a journey of your future space. Your subcontious will give you indications on what you like and what direction you would like to take with the space, even if that is something really small like atmosphere in the space or color of the walls.

You never know when inspiration will strike so just relax and enjoy the process, take in everything you see as the next desing idea can come from anywhere. Hope these few tips above will help you get started on your space as well. If you are stuck or would like some professional help, reach out and let’s see how I can help make your dreams come true.